05/2017 - Senlution takes part in the American Aeronautics and space exhibition

In May 11, 2017, the eighteenth international aviation exhibition was held in Dallas, USA. As one of the most influential technology events, more than 2000 high-tech elites will participate in the conference. Wuxi Xinxing Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional sensor module, has been invited to participate in this conference.

10/2016 - Senlution participates in Tokyo International Aerospace Exhibition.

In October 12, 2016, the eighteenth international aviation exhibition was successfully concluded in Tokyo, Japan. Wuxi Senlution Technology Co., Ltd. is invited to show the three major product series, such as the company's Micro attitude heading system, micro high-precision electronic compass, micro attitude orientation reference system (Mini-AHRS) and so on. Xinxing technology and cooperation partners and on-site audience actively share the technology breakthrough innovation and product customization development.

12/2013 - Senlution launches DynaCube DC30-GS series of Mini GPS/INS system

DynaCube™ DC30-GS Mini GPS/INS is a highly sophisticated system measuring a rigid body’s inertial properties, including position, speed, altitude (pitch, roll, yaw) and also the complete set of dynamic parameters (acceleration / angular speed).  Its sensing principle is based on the state of of MEMS technology (MEMS: Micro Electro Mechanical System).  As a result of batch processing and standardization of MEMS technology, cost of the system has been significantly lowered compared to its counterpart using optical fiber technology while the performance is not being compr

01/2012 - Senlution Announces Strategic Partnership with Carvedge Tech.

Recently, a pioneer in China’s sensor module and total solution business, Senlution Technologies (Wuxi, China) (, announced a strategic partnership has been established with a renowned industrial UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or so called “drone”) developer in China, the Carvedge Technologies (Nanjing, China) (

07/2011 - Senlution successfully launches MotionCore™, the world smallest Mini-AHRS

Senlution (Wuxi, China) Co., Ltd. successfully launches MotionCore™, which is an ultra-small form factor, highly accurate inertia measurement system based on MEMS miniature inertial sensors and highly sophisticated algorithms.  The system is able to output attitude (Euler angles: pitch, roll and yaw) of its carrier body continuously and dynamically.

11/2010 - Senlution develops proprietary multi-dimensional assembling technology for Mini-AHRS

The proprietary multi-dimensional assembling technology based on MotionCore™ concept, offers a major breakthrough in miniature AHRS technology.  It helps achieve a Mini-AHRS with ultra-small size, ultra-light weight and ultra-low cost.  Furthermore, it enables a Mini-AHRS to have great integrability into any major system.
The MotionCore™ multi-dimensional assembling technology is currently patent pending.

06/2010 - Senlution develops proprietary, EKF-based algorithm for Mini-AHRS

Algorithm is the core of an AHRS software system, which is based on EKF (Enhanced Kalman Filter) theory.  So far, companies involved in this field have all been taking great effort in the development of a proprietary algorithm of their own.  Senlution has achieve so as a result of its dedicated and sustained R&D effort, with an algorithm which is highly reliable, highly accurate and highly robust.