About Us - Company Intro.

Senlution is a worldwide leading supplier of inertial sensor modules and turnkey solutions.  Specifically, the company is a pioneer in the development of Mini-AHRS (Miniature Altitude & Heading Reference System), which is a highly sophisticated inertial sensor module incorporating multiple MEMS sensors and electronics.  With proprietary EKF based algorithm plus a unique multi-dimensional assembling technology called MotionCore™, Senlution currently offers the smallest and most integrable Mini-AHRS products in the world.

Mini-AHRS with ultra-low cost, ultra-compact size and ultrahigh integrability has always been the epicenter of its effort.  Senlution believes that Mini-AHRS will enjoy an unprecedented wide spectrum of fields in the future, including consumer electronics, industrial controls, automotive electronics and aeronautics, etc.  With the advent of truly affordable Mini-AHRS, many applications in those field will be revolutionized.

Senlution has been actively driving cooperative developments with our customers, in order to further broaden the scope of application for Mini-AHRS.  "Sensing solutions for a more sensible world", that's the ultimate goal.

Senlution is headquartered in Wuxi, China, which is a satellite city in the greater Shanghai area.