03/2017 - Senlution launches DynaCube DC50S SERIES OF MINI AHRS

Recently, a pioneer in China’s sensor module and total solution business, Senlution Technologies (Wuxi, China) (www.senlution.com) Co., Ltd successfully launches DynaCube™ DC50S, which is an ultra-small form factor, highly accurate inertia measurement system based on MEMS miniature inertial sensors and highly sophisticated algorithms,its high reliability and excellent performance make it very suitable for high-end military applications and high-end equipment manufacturing industry, etc.

DynaCube™ DC50S is a “high-end tactical grade” inertia system. It has an extremely small form factor and weight and features a built-in anti-vibration mechanism which help eliminate much low frequency noise due to user environment. The system is able to output attitude of its carrier body continuously and dynamically. Plus it sends out auxiliary signals including acceleration, angular rate, geomagnetic field, temperature and barometric information.

DynaCube™ DC50S employs the most accurate MEMS inertial sensors commercially available. Particularly for the gyroscope and accelerometer, the performance level has reached the highest limit within the MEMS sensor domain, and it can be classified as “tactical grade”, a term which traditionally only applies to high end, very costly inertial sensors based on optical technology.

DynaCube™ Mini-AHRS enjoys a wide spectrum of applications, particularly most suitable for UAVs.