01/2012 - Senlution Announces Strategic Partnership with Carvedge Tech.

Recently, a pioneer in China’s sensor module and total solution business, Senlution Technologies (Wuxi, China) (www.senlution.com), announced a strategic partnership has been established with a renowned industrial UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or so called “drone”) developer in China, the Carvedge Technologies (Nanjing, China) (www.carvedge.com).

It is concurred by both parties that, the MotionCore™ Mini-AHRS product developed by Senlution, due to its unique design concept named "Drop-in OEM", will help lower the total cost and design complexity of user's UAV system greatly.  Therefore, Carvedge has decided to choose MotionCore as the kernel control unit in its next generation miniature UAVs.  MotionCore™ will output attitude (pitch, roll and yaw) of its carrier body together with other auxiliary signals including acceleration, angular rate, geomagnetic field, temperature and barometric information, so to realize a fully autonomous UAV which is able to stabilize itself, control its own altitude and finally its navigation.

Carvedge Technologies (Nanjing, China) is the first company which designs miniature, highly sophisticated UAVs for industrial applications, particularly for autonomous Electrical Grid Monitoring (EGM).  In the future, its drone products will enjoy a wide spectrum of applications in the fields such as EGM, remote sensing, environmental protection and IOT (Internet of Things), etc.

The cooperation between Senlution and Carvedge is a milestone in China’s UAV development since it indicates a fully domestically developed flight control solution for UAVs, especially miniature UAVs for industrial applications, has been mature.  This will have profound impact for China’s future industrial UAV development.