12/2013 - Senlution launches DynaCube DC30-GS series of Mini GPS/INS system

DynaCube™ DC30-GS Mini GPS/INS is a highly sophisticated system measuring a rigid body’s inertial properties, including position, speed, altitude (pitch, roll, yaw) and also the complete set of dynamic parameters (acceleration / angular speed).  Its sensing principle is based on the state of of MEMS technology (MEMS: Micro Electro Mechanical System).  As a result of batch processing and standardization of MEMS technology, cost of the system has been significantly lowered compared to its counterpart using optical fiber technology while the performance is not being compromised.

The system is equipped with a powerful sensing unit core called MotionCore™.  This core unit, with both all the MEMS sensors & micro processor integrated into a ultra small form factor hardware platform, is running an embedded sensor fusion software based on Senlution’s proprietary EKF algorithm (EKF: Enhanced Kalman Filter). 

The system is also embedded with a highly accurate, highly reliable satellite receiver.  This receiver unit works under both L1 and L2 frequency and is compatible with GPS or GLONASS dual system (GPS L1 C/A, L2C, L2P(Y); GLONASS L1/L2; Galileo E1; WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS).  It has 226 channels and supports sub-meter level of accuracy using DGPS and even sub-millimeter level of accuracy using RTK.  This receiver has been certified for MIL-STD810F and is highly resistant to EMC / vibration and shock up to 30G.

The EKF based sensor fusion algorithm loosely couples data from satellite receiver and MotionCore™.  In this way, errors introduced into the system by the inertial measurement sensors can be compensated, while reciprocally, the position / velocity can also be calculated only based on the inertial measurement during a short duration of satellite signal loss.

DynaCube™ DC30-GS is furnished with a standard RS-232 cable for data collection.  The metal shell provides users with 6 alignment holes for installation and for electrically grounding.

DynaCube™ DC30-GS is suitable for applications ranging from aeronautics, aerospace , surface vessels, ground vehicles to other military or civil adaptations.