05/2017 - Senlution takes part in the American Aeronautics and space exhibition

In May 11, 2017, the eighteenth international aviation exhibition was held in Dallas, USA. As one of the most influential technology events, more than 2000 high-tech elites will participate in the conference. Wuxi Xinxing Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional sensor module, has been invited to participate in this conference.

Senlution technology shows three series of products, such as the company's Micro attitude heading system, micro high-precision electronic compass, micro attitude orientation reference system (Mini-AHRS) and so on. In addition, Senlution technology brings a new generation of super small, high-precision inertial measurement system DynaCube database DC50S based on MEMS inertial sensor on the exhibition platform of this conference. . The system has embedded a MotionCore OEM hardware core, which has been compensated by temperature correction and non orthogonal error, and can accurately output three attitude angles (pitch angle, roll angle, heading angle) and other auxiliary sensing signals (acceleration, angular velocity, ground) at any time and arbitrary motion state. The intensity, temperature, and altitude of the magnetic field. As the system uses advanced MEMS technology to standardize and mass produce large-scale components, the cost of products is greatly reduced. DC50S is built with special mechanical structure to resist high impact overload and shock absorption. Through the micro rectangle interface, the output and power of the sensor can be extracted, and data can be collected and observed through the serial line provided. DynaCube DC50S uses high precision inertial devices based on MEMS technology, including high precision gyroscopes and acceleration sensors, whose zero bias stability reaches 10 degrees / hourly and "tactical level" level of 0.1mG (based on national army standard GJB2426 evaluation. Generally speaking, the zero bias stability index measured by GJB2426 is a foreign kind. " The product is based on Alan variance Allan Variance's standard measured index of 5 to 10 times. The system can be widely applied to aviation, aerospace, navigation, ground vehicles, platform stabilization, short-range guided weapons and other occasions.