Azimuth™high precision miniature electronic compass (e-Compass)is composed of three axis and three axis magnetic sensor MEMS MEMS sensor,MEMS single axis gyro sensor and high-speed processor ultra small, high precision inertial measurement system, in order to provide accurate heading angle, pitch angle and roll angle of static static. The system through the soft magnetic and Senlution proprietary magnetic compensation algorithm calibration of the surrounding magnetic field, three accurate output carrier in static condition angle (pitch angle, roll angle, yaw angle).

Further, the embedded system of a high precision MEMS yaw gyro sensor, with special algorithm, can detect transient magnetic interference anomalies, and the use of gyroscope in magnetic interference to calculate the correct heading angle, this kind of technology to solve the long electronic compass is susceptible to defects surrounding magnetic field transient disturbance and output have a greater deviation.