MotionCore™, the smallest size AHRS in the world, is an ultra-small form factor, highly accurate inertia system based on MEMS miniature sensors and sophisticated algorithms. The system is able to output attitude of its carrier body continuously and dynamically. Plus it sends out auxiliary signals including acceleration, angular rate, geomagnetic field, temperature and barometric information.

MotionCore’s™ ultra-compact size an high accuracy is realized through Senlution's unique multi-dimensional assembling technology [patent pending]. Furthermore, MotionCore™ Mini-AHRS is designed with an unique concept named "Drop-in OEM", i.e. customer may deploy the device inside its own mother system just like a surface mounted IC chip, without having to interface with it through special wired / wireless communications. Unlike a regular AHRS which only sends out attitude information, MotionCore™ also provides an open environment of its processor with rich I/Os for customer to further development on. Therefore, MotionCore™ is not merely an AHRS sub-system functioning as a sensing module, but also can become the controlling core and power core of the entire user system. MotionCore™ Mini-AHRS enjoyS a wide spectrum of applications, including aeronautics and astronautic, remote monitoring, automotive electronics, virtual reality, motion capture and home entertainment, etc.